AD1 Holdings is an ASX-listed technology company focused on creating and investing in market-leading software businesses. Our ambition is to deliver strong shareholder returns via a diversified global portfolio of SaaS (Software as a Service) platform brands aligned to target customer segments. AD1 businesses proudly service a global client base.




Creating shareholder value via accretive acquisitions that boost EPS

AD1 Holdings is focused on creating sustainable long-term shareholder value via cutting-edge SaaS products that provide diversified recurring revenue and strong growth potential.

We’ll meet this aspiration by leveraging both organic and M&A channels. Our software businesses typically sign multi-year contracts and enjoy strong customer retention, ensuring reliable ongoing subscription revenue. Our M&A pipeline is focused on high-growth companies with large total addressable markets (TAM) that are currently under-penetrated. We seek acquisition opportunities that align with our existing customer segments and allow us to exploit operational synergies.

Building a global portfolio of SaaS platforms and services

Our M&A activity is centred on acquiring complementary businesses across the Asia Pacific region that increase earnings per share (EPS).

These accretive acquisitions will align with our existing brands and strengthen our portfolio of SaaS platforms and consulting services. We’ll target companies that allow AD1 Holdings to access new markets, expand our penetration of existing markets and create cross-selling opportunities, growing our customer base. Our acquisitions will enable the automation and optimisation of highly transactional, non-core processes and offer a positive or near-positive EBIT.



To deliver strong shareholder returns via a diversified global portfolio of market-leading SaaS products aligned to target customer segments.



To be a leading provider of innovative cloud-based technology solutions and services.



Our strategy is to be long-term focused and high-growth, with a disciplined approach to capital allocation and cost management.